Auto Dealer Fraud

Most people are wary of used car salesmen. Car dealerships have used strategic marketing tactics to get around that hesitation and assure buyers that they can be trusted.

One of these marketing strategies is what is commonly known as the “Certified Pre-Owned” vehicle. Auto dealers market these vehicles as being rigorously tested and thoroughly inspected. Car buyers expect these cars to be of a higher quality than most other used cars and are willing to pay a premium price for these vehicles.

Unfortunately, Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are not always as superior as buyers think. Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization, recently published an article discussing this challenging issue.

Consumer Reports cited to a particular story involving a U.S. Military veteran who purchased a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle for his family just prior to being deployed. As it turned out, the safe vehicle he believed he had purchased had been in a serious collision that was purposefully not reported to Carfax. The vehicle was then sold as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, despite its mechanical and electrical issues.

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