Homeowner's Insurance Claims

Most homeowners believe their homeowner’s insurance policy will take care of them if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, insurance companies have a direct conflict of interest with their insured and attempt to protect only their own interests.

At Gilburg, we take the homeowner’s side. We work with seasoned construction experts to make sure our clients receive all of the benefits they have paid for under their homeowner’s insurance policy. Whether the loss is due to water damage, fire, theft, vandalism or wind, homeowners are entitled to recover the full value of their loss under the policy they have purchased.

Insurance companies often attempt to pay as little as possible for these claims. Without proper legal representation, homeowners accept minuscule payments from their insurance companies and struggle to pay for the repairs they actually need. Once our attorneys review the case and develop the right legal strategy, clients are often able to pay for complete renovations with the contractor of their choice.

Our clients sometimes turn to us because their claim has been denied, even though their claim is completely valid. Insurance companies often find ludicrous reasons to deny the claims of their own insured homeowners, just to make a quick buck. At Gilburg, we stand up for the insured homeowners and fight to make sure valid claims are properly paid.

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