Client and Attorney Testimonials

What Clients Say

I have used the services of Mr. Gilburg’s firm on more than one occasion. Alex was extremely knowledgeable and prompt, always available for questions,  exhibited great confidence and a very high level of legal expertise. All of the cases were closed to my complete satisfaction. In my opinion and without any doubts, Mr. Gilburg’s Law Firm is the top law office around.

Dr. Igor B., DO

About two months before this writing, I was a proud first-time owner of a brand new Corvette Stingray, which I laboriously researched, ordered, and waited 2.5 months to have delivered.  This event was the pinnacle of my car hobby – even over my earlier car projects featured in Hot Rod and High Performance Pontiac magazines. The dream was shattered when a car wash employee driving my Corvette lost control and crashed into a shed and brick wall.  The incident was heartbreaking to say the least, with visible evidence of a collapsed passenger side front suspension, fractured wheel, demolished quarter panel and light assembly, and other exotic parts.  To make matters worse, the car wash owner refused to provide insurance information and admit full liability.  Read more…

Eric Kang, Ph.D., aerospace and defense industry physics simulation toolkit software developer

What Lawyers Say

“As a former federal judge and former federal litigator, I know all too well the difference between lawyers of quality and those of mediocre abilities. The team of Gilburg | Treysman is one of quality:  together, Gilburg | Treysman and have the diversity of experience, enthusiasm, work ethic, and loyalty to their clients that make for counsellors of the highest order.  If I needed a good advocate, I would not hesitate to retain Gilburg | Treysman.”

The Honorable Bruce J. Einhorn (ret.)

“Dear Alex:

I am as impressed as ever by your expertise, knowledge and experience.  It is always a pleasure to know that you take great care of the clients I refer to you.

Thank you and warm regards.”